Rubix Token is a decentralized governance token built on the Binance Smart Chan(BSC) that comes with great utilities out of the gate. Rubix token can be used for governance, staking, and lottery.

Our goal is to build a genuinely community-driven ecosystem in the cryptocurrency space. Follow Rubix on Twitter, Say hello on Discord Discord.


This website is a work in progress. Join our Discord to become a part of our community and get the opportunity to earn some Rubix tokens for being an active user and for contributing.

Rubix docs website is still at the early stage, and we are still working on populating the docs with information that will simplify onboarding for new users.

Docs To do list:

  • Tokenomics.
  • Rubix Vault
  • Decentralized Lottery.
  • Governance

UPDATES LOG: (22/04/21) Beginning of documentation, fixed misspelled words.