Rubix Staking

Flexible-Staking protocol is a profit-sharing reward program designed and developed from scratch to provide users a secure and robust decentralized app that rewards them for staking their RBX tokens. Rubix Flexible-Staking Protocol operates similarly to a bank saving account in that it provides users with a great return on their investments.

Funding process.

Even though Flexible-Staking protocol is free to use, other utilitilies will require users to pay a small fee in BNB or RBX (sometimes both) for using Rubix tools and apps. For example, if Bob buys a Rubix lottery ticket and pays a fee of 0.01 BNB + 5 RBX, the lottery smart contract will instantly split the payment so that 15% of his fees are sent to the Flexible-Staking protocol and 75% to the lottery pool. Eventually, Flexible-Staking's protocol is funded with 0.015 BNB and 0.75 RBX.


Flexible-Staking protocol is designed to create unlimited amounts of pools. Thus the protocol will create a new pool every 14 days, and also Rubix utilities & tools will fund the pool for 14 days before the pool is locked and a new pool is generated. Every stakeholder's deposit gets a unique ID, and the deposit with that ID will be assigned to an active pool. Once the pool is closed, a snapshot of the funded BNB and RBX tokens will be taken, and right after, they will be distributed to all pool stakeholders of that pool.

Note. Apart from the profit-sharing, there is also a based reward which starts at 5000 RBX per round and is allocated to stakeholders. The reward is halved every 3 months by half, which means that after the first 3 months, the reward will get reduced from 5000 RBX to 2500 RBX.

Maximum stakes per account
Max/Min for staking10-150,000 RBX
Emergency withdrawsYes
ClaimingManual from Dapp