Flexible-Staking protocol Workflow

The following set of rules determines the workflow of Flexible-Staking protocol.

1) Any Rubix token holder holding more than 10 RBX can become a stakeholder by sending his tokens to Rubix Vault.
2) Only stakeholders can withdraw collateral from the vault. Thus stakeholders must use the same wallet for claiming.
3) In case the amount sent is less than 10 RBX or higher than 150,000 RBX, the contract will return an error and the tokens will remain on the user's wallet.
4) The locking period in the Rubix vault is fixed to 14 days.
5) Stakeholders can opt-out by emergency withdrawing RBX without receiving the staking rewards.
6) Rubix developers have no access to the tokens locked in the vault.
7) BNB rewards are entirely based on Rubix utilities.

These rules are coded into the smart contract, meaning both stakeholders and devs cannot break them.